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Shannon Labrador

Performance Nutrition L1

One of my favorite quotes:
  “If you do what you've always done, you're gonna get what you've always got!”

I am the co-owner of STUDIOFIT and a 40 year old working mother of three.   My day job has me sitting at a desk 8-9 hours a day as a database programmer and reporting analyst.  My daily routine is to get up and go to the gym at 5 am before getting my normal day started.  I feel that this is the best way to prioritize my gym time and make sure that nothing else gets in the way of my training.  I also meal prep once a week to make sure that I have everything ready in advance, making it easy to grab whatever I need for my next meal. 

I’ve lived a healthy lifestyle for 25 years and have competed in 12 Figure competitions and 5 Women’s Physique competitions. I love everything about the fitness lifestyle.  The discipline, challenge, and sense of accomplishment are all things that drive me every day to continue to push myself harder to reach my goals.  I also love to help others overcome what they perceive as obstacles to reaching their goals and make a healthy lifestyle something that is within reach.

Some people may think wow!  I wish I had your energy or motivation, but it hasn’t always been easy for me to maintain this lifestyle.  Growing up, I never had to think about what I ate.  My metabolism was crazy and I just burned through everything. I did fortunately get involved in weight lifting at the age of 16,  so that really jump started my fitness journey and got me interested in improving my nutrition.  I started drinking more water and eating healthier home cooked food and less fast food.  As a teenager those were huge changes lol! 

Later after getting married and having my first child, my metabolism started to slow a little and I had to consciously start focusing on nutrition again to maintain the weight that I felt was healthiest for me.  It was also at that time that I became interested in competing in physique competitions.  This was a way for me to challenge myself, and I really enjoyed the discipline and attention to detail that it required. 

After deciding to take a break from competing, it didn’t take long to realize that I was having trouble maintaining a normal healthy diet.  I was so used to severely restricting myself and then having a weekly cheat meal, that every meal when I wasn’t dieting felt like I had to go all out and eat everything in sight.  It was an all-or-nothing mentality and I knew that this wasn’t healthy.  Then I discovered a new way to look at nutrition, a habit-based coaching system that helps build the skills necessary to navigate everyday situations and make healthier choices without feeling deprived.

This nutrition coaching method can help you finally gain control over your health  by giving you one small thing to focus on at a time, and once you’ve mastered that skill, you move to the next one.  You’re never given a skill or task that is too big for you to handle, which helps build momentum one success after another.  

I’ve been on the roller coaster, dieting and restricting myself until I lose control and eat everything in sight, leaving me feeling guilty and ashamed.  That’s not something anyone wants to feel!  I can help you get off the diet roller coaster and gain control once and for all.

What can you expect with me as your coach?   

  • Constant support and compassion without ever being judged.  

  • Learn how to eat better without dieting or feeling deprived.   

  • Take small steps leading to a higher success rate.

  • Achieve and maintain goals even when life gets busy.

What do you have to lose?

  • Lose the weight and fat you’ve tried to lose for years.

  • Gain energy and confidence.

  • Increase athletic performance.

  • Lose the food confusion by learning what to do and how to do it.

  • Finally stop dieting and start eating for health and longevity.

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