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ROCKTAPE is known for taping movement, not muscles. This concept is unique to ROCKTAPE and fits the model used by the Corrective Exercise Specialists at STUDIOFIT.  Fascial Movement Taping can be used in many stages of corrective and performance programming.




  1. Rehab Specific Taping: for acute pain control

  2. Edema Control Taping: to reduce swelling

  3. Postural Control Taping: structural approach which corrects postural bio-mechanical dysfunction

  4. Neurological Taping: taping method to augment neuromobilization (nerve flossing) techniques

  5. Pregnancy Taping: focused on common ailments experienced by pregnant women

  6. PowerTaping Method for Sports Performance: revolutionary new concept that can be used to proactively improve performance for competitive athletes



Mike Labrador

Certified ROCKTAPE Doc

  • Fascial Movement Taping (FMT): Lv2

  • Performance Movement Technique (PMT)

  • FMT Blades (IASTM)

  • FMT RockPods (Cupping)

  • FMT RockFloss

Mike has experience working with Crossfit athletes both during and between competitions.  He also has experience with runners, cyclists, football players, soccer players, military personnel, martial artists, and more.  If you are wondering if he can help just reach out. 

Instagram & Facebook: @rocktapedoc

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